Bay Papagan Production is a media services provider that has been providing translation, dubbing, subtitles, mixing and various post-production services for domestic and foreign broadcasting platforms since 2007. We are located at İstanbul/Üsküdar in Turkey. We have been maintaining the audience's satisfaction with the thousands of series, films, documentaries, cartoons; large and small advertisement and video shootings we have done so far.

In line with our experience and meticulous working principles, we provide maximum satisfaction for domestic and foreign customers while providing high-quality content for the audience, while attaching special importance to localization processes. In this context, we select our translators, voice actors, mix operators, subtitle teams, quality control teams, and all other colleagues with the same meticulousness, and work with professional and experienced staff.

We continue to sign new projects with our recording and mixing studios and technical equipment that are updated in line with the requirements of international broadcasting platforms. We provide professional service in accordance with the quality standards of many international digital broadcasting platforms such as Netflix, Disney, Amazon, Apple TV. For any questions or projects, please contact:

You can also check out our Dolby Atmos Mix works which are the latest examples of our innovative projects.